Gm Hackers/ Partners and Developers! 👋🏼

Glad you all could be part of Mantle’s development journey and play a crucial role in developing Mantle’s ecosystem!

As Mantle Network’s Mainnet and Testnet continues to emerge as a promising solution, it is essential to have a comprehensive guide to streamline and optimize Hackers/ Partners and Developers' experience in hackathons focused on these technologies.

Completely new to web3 and Mantle Ecosystem as a whole? Click on the the page below (Beginner’s Guide) to get started right away! ⬇️  ✨

Beginner’s Guide … (click)

Network Info

Testnet Mainnet
Websocket URL wss:// wss://
Chain ID 5001 5000
DTL service URL
Faucet N/A

Faucets (Testnet)

Graph Support

Testnet Mainnet
Deploy endpoint in works
Query subgraph in works
Query subgraph url pattern is<name> or<ID> in works
Subgraph status: in works
IPFS server: in works
Network name testnet in works

Contract Verification

Note: Contract verification as of 21st July is only possible via official mantle explorer. We’re currently working on login-indvidual api key generation sequence to let users

Testnet Mainnet
Explorer URL
Explorer API

For more info - checkout complete docs @

Goto Tooling Support

Name Service Link
Thirdweb SDK

Tutorial - Building an NFT Gating dApp Using thirdweb SDK | | Pyth | Pull Oracles | | | LayerZero | Cross-chain messaging | | | Blockscout | Explorer | | | Covalent | APIs | | | Unmarshal | APIs | | | Ankr | RPC | | | Rainbowkit | Wallet SDK | Tutorial - Connect RainbowKit with Mantle Testnet |